Versatility In Poodles

Poodle Related E-mail Groups

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Name Description How To Subcribe
VIP List Active e-list open only to members of VIP
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Clicker Poodles List For discussing all aspects of clicker training Poodles in Obedience, Agility, and whatever else might catch your interest
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Clicker Poodle
Canine Genetics List Our purpose is to protect our breeds and support through sharing knowledge, for those to bridge the gap from the novice to the more experienced, guided by the beliefs of Dr. John Armstrong and the Diversity Project for discussion.
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Canine Genetics List
Herding Poodles List Open to anyone owning a poodle (any size) who is interested in herding.
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Herding Poodles
Obedience Poodles List For poodles and their owners who are interested in training and exhibiting in traditional obedience. All venues are open for discussion.
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Obedience Poodles
Tracking Poodles List For Poodles and their owners who are interested in training and testing in tracking.
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Tracking Poodles
Agility Poodles List This Poodles-only list is for those who are training and/or competing in Agility with a Poodle of any size/variety.
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Agility Poodles
Hunting Poodles List Limited to the discussion of Poodle field training.
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Hunting Poodles
Dog Seminars List This list provides a place to post/promote upcoming seminars anywhere in the country, review seminars, or ask others for feedback about specific seminars.
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Dog Seminars
Rally Poodles List
A group for Poodle-owners interested in Rally Obedience.

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Rally Poodles
Ring-Tested Obedience List A competitive obedience list for handlers who want to discuss training methods, ask questions, answer questions, promote the sport, continue their education, and mentor other handlers.
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Ring-Tested Obedience
Clean Run list A moderated discussion group for talking about agility training, handling strategies, and anything Clean Run (magazine) related.
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Clean Run List
K9 Addison's list A support and information list for those with canine companions afflicted by Addisons Disease.
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K9 Addison's List
SA-Addison's List This support group is for those people who have dogs with Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) and/or Addison's Disease.
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SA-Addison's List
k9 Addisons Pedigrees List A place to discuss pedigrees of Addisonian afflicted dogs and/or their relatives.
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k9 Addisons Pedigrees List
Canine Cushings | Autoimmune Disease List For lay people and veterinarians interested in canine Cushing's syndrome (hyperadrenocorticism), and other autoimmune diseases.
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Canine Cushing List
Front & Finish List Membership in this list is restricted to those who have an interest in dog obedience and other canine performance events.
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Front & Finish List
VetMed List Forum for students, professionals, and others employed in or interested in veterinary issues.
Archives of this mailing list are available.

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VetMed List
Poodle Support Group An open membership educational Poodle List.
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Poodle Support Group List
OBED-COMP Issues relating to competitive obedience. Trainers at all levels are accepted.
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