Versatility In Poodles

Research Samples Needed

Your help is needed with canine health research.  DNA and tissue samples are needed from healthy dogs and dogs affected by certain diseases.  The dogs are not harmed (cheek swab or blood draw) and people as well as dogs benefit. Purebred dogs are used by researchers to discover cures for people.

Take time today to see how you can give back to the breed you love.

Here is a list of research projects that currently are in need of participants:

Addison's: Samples needed from Standard Poodles with ACTH diagnosed Addison’s and also from healthy Standards over 7 years old

Sebaceous Adenitis: Samples needed from affected or related Standard Poodles

Miniature Poodle Dwarfism: Test is now available for Miniature Poodles

Social Interaction in Miniature and Standard Poodles: Online Survey

Chronic Hepatitis in Standard Poodles

Silver Poodle Blood DNA for NIH

Optigen is seeking samples for various eye problems including PRA, ONH, Microthalmia or other inherited eye diseases.,

The studies listed here are poodle specific. Additional research studies that are open to all dogs may be of interest to poodle owners and may be found at If you know of additional poodle specific studies seeking participants that you would like us to consider adding to this page please contact us with information.

The studies listed here are for information purposes only. These studies may or may not be supported by donations from VIP. VIP supported studies are indicated by a *. VIP attempts to screen sample requests to insure that the research project is valid and safe. However, before participating in or providing samples for a research study owners should verify that the research is being done by reputable researchers and that appropriate measures have been taken to insure the safety and confidentiality of research participants.