Versatility In Poodles

Finding A Poodle

Please read the VIP educational material below to learn all that you can about dog care, health, and selecting a breeder before you select a puppy!

Also, please check out the Poodle Health Issues links and the Versatile Poodle reading list.

When you are ready to actually start looking for a Poodle, there are a variety of ways to get started.  Ask other local Poodle owners where they obtained their Poodle and if they would buy from that person again. Personal referrals are an excellent way to find a Poodle.  Other avenues would be to:

  • Attend a Dog show in your area to meet Poodle owners and/or breeders.  Conformation shows, Agility shows, Obedience shows, Rally shows and other types of shows are all good ways to make contact with local Poodle owners and/or breeders.  Web sites for the national kennel clubs (AKC, CKC, UKC) have information on dog events in your area. 
  • Do a web search using the terms "Poodle Club" adding the name of your state or area to locate a Poodle Club in your area.  Local Poodle clubs normally provide Breeder and Resuce Referral services. 
  • Do a web search using the terms "Obedience Club" or "Agility Club" or "Dog Training Club" adding the name of your city or area.  Ask if there are Poodle owners in the club that who may know the name of a good breeder.

Versatility In Poodles does not endorse, recommend or guarantee the services of any breeder, Poodle Club, All Breed Club, Obedience, Agility or other Club, or Rescue organization. Versatility In Poodles does not assume responsibility for, or liability toward the quality, health, temperament, or any other aspect of any dogs or puppies obtained through the use of information provided within its website. It is the responsibility of the potential buyers to interview any breeders they are referred to, to ask appropriate questions, and to evaluate the dogs or puppies they wish to purchase. We recommend potential buyers read our recommendations on Finding a Poodle and make several contacts before making a decision.