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The mission of Versatility in Poodles is to link and serve those people who wish to protect and advance the interests of the Poodle as a versatile and healthy dog.

  • Health. To encourage and to promote the breeding of the purebred Poodle as a healthy, sound, long-lived, and energetic dog.
  • Education. To educate owners, breeders, and the public in the care, training and breeding of the purebred Poodle such that their natural qualities are brought to maximum potential in a humane and caring manner.
  • Performance. To support versatile performance by conducting events and programs which protect and advance the interests of the Poodle as versatile healthy dogs.
  • People. To maintain among and by our members the highest spirit of cooperation and devotion to the principles of good sportsmanship and the humane care and training of Poodles.

This corporation is organized as a non-profit corporation. No part of the corporation’s earnings shall inure to the benefit of its members or officers.

This site is developed and maintained for YOU. Please browse this site to learn about Poodles, breeding, Poodle rescue, purchasing a dog, educating your dog and yourself about all things Poodle and the latest information about the health and genetic diseases of Poodles.

We strive to meet your needs. We support health research, provide educational material and support rescue organizations and needs. We have a bimonthly newsletter and an active membership.

Join our team: If you have found this site to be helpful please consider subscribing to our newsletter, becoming a member, or making a tax deductible contribution to our research and/or educational fund. Benefits of membership include: the newsletter; the opportunity to participate in the direction of the organization; participation in cutting-edge health and training information; participation in the member-only VIP email list with timely discussions and personal assistance with training, problem solving, and health issues by our experts and MUCH MORE.

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Versatility in Poodles, Inc. Membership Policy Statement

Membership in Versatility in Poodles, Inc., is in no way intended to confer approval or endorsement of any member's breeding practices.

VIP is committed to educating the Poodle community and supporting Poodle-specific health research. Home   |    enquiry about icmr study design protocols standard formats advocacy materials media conference   dr. viagra for sale Mamta muranjan associate professor,genetic division, seth gordhandas sunderdas medical college,parel, mumbai [email protected] / peer reviewed journals 1993 - 1998 alavi s, kher a, kumar a, muranjan m, bharucha b. Cohen syndrome. Indian pediatr 1993,30(5): 678-681. Muranjan mn, mordekar sr, bava hs, alavi s, kher as, nadkarni ub, kamat jr. Cyproheptadine in severe anorexia. Indian pediatr 1994,31(11): 1429-1430. pfizer viagra discount coupon Muranjan mn, kher as, nadkarni ub, kamat jr. Congenital nephrotic syndrome with clinical hypothyroidism. Indian j pediatr 1995,62(2): 233-235. Tullu m, muranjan mn, sharma sv, sahu dr, swamy sr, deshmukh ct, bharucha ba. Cri du chat syndrome: clinical profile and prenatal diagnosis. J postgrad med 1998, 44(4): ci - 104. viagra safe women 1999 bavdekar sb, muranjan mn, patankar t, more v, jain mk. Mri in acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following first generation anti-rabies vaccine administration in a child. buy viagra online Rivista di neuroradiologia 1999; 12(3): 467-469. cheapest generic viagra australia Muranjan mn, gurav m, surve t, deshmukh ct, bharucha ba. Familial glucocorticoid deficiency, alacrimia and achalasia - allgrove syndrome. Indian j pediatr 1999,66(1): 151-154. viagra generico vendita online Shaharao v, shah i, mishra p, muranjan mn, bharucha ba. viagra canada official Osteoporosis pseudoglioma syndrome. Indian pediatr 1999,36(3): 313-315. 8. Muranjan mn, bharucha ba, kirtane mv, deshmukh ct. Mondini dysplasia of the inner ear with csf leak - a rare cause of recurrent meningitis. cheapest generic viagra australia Indian pediatr 1999,36(4): 401-406. Surve t, muranjan mn, deshmukh ct, warke c, bharucha ba. Inflammatory linear verrucuos epidermal nevus syndrome with bilateral vertebral artery occlusion. Indian pediatr 1999, 36(8): 820 - 823. Muranjan mn, deshmukh ct. Acute transverse myelitis - a rare manifestation of severe hemophilia. Indian pediatr 1999, 36(11): 1151 - 1153. cheapest generic viagra australia Tullu m, arora p, deshmukh ct, muranjan mn, bharucha ba. Benzathine penicillin induced immune hemolytic anemia. J postgrad med 1999, 45(2): 58-59. 2000 mishra p, muranjan mn, bharucha ba. Autosomal dominant ectrodactyly with sensorineural deafness. Clinical dysmorphol 2000; 9(2): 119-121. Muranjan mn, bavdekar sb, more v, deshmukh h, tripathi m, vaswani r. Study of takayasu’s arteritis in children: clinical profile and management. buy generic viagra J postgrad med 2000; 46 (1): 3-8. Tullu m, muranjan mn, kondurkar p, bharucha ba. Krabbe disease– clinical profile. Indian pediatr 2000; 37(9): 939-946. Tullu m, muranjan mn, sonawne s, khubchandani s, deshmukh ct, bharucha ba. Dorfman - chanarin syndrome: a rare neutral lipid storage disorder. Indian pediatr 2000, 37(1): 88-93. Dubey r,. mail order viagra VIP is an open club with appropriate memberships, associate memberships and linked memberships approved upon application.

Although applicants for membership in Versatility in Poodles, Inc., agree to abide by its Code of Ethics, it is as much the responsibility of the puppy buyer to thoroughly research the breeder's ethics and practices as it is the responsibility of the breeder to research the ethics and intentions of the buyer.

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